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Contu is a turn based strategic board game for two players were both  take turns to place game tokens. With Power-Ups certain actions can be performed that influence the gameplay. The main goal of the game is to place their own game token in the target field of the opponent while defending their own target field. 

When you hear the term hacker, you initially have bad stereotypes in your head. Hackers who forcibly bypass security systems to obtain credit card information or steal private data to enrich themselves are called  "black hats". But there are also good hackers. Those who use their skills to find and fix web site vulnerabilities,so that trusted information can not be stolen, are called "white hats". There is a digital war between these factions with the aim of either protecting or stealing information from innocents. 

With "Contu-Hacking Edition" we clarify a fight between a White and a Black Hat hacker. 

By both protecting their own private information and trying to steal the opponent's information at the same time, they hack through computers and smartphones of uninvolved individuals to gain an edge over the other. With the help of viruses and devices, they can reach their destination faster. 

Will the Black Hat be able to bypass the safety precautions and obtain profitable information or will the White Hat uncover the base of the Black Hat and hand it over to the police? 

By Roman Reiser, Vanessa Heerklotz, Max Bredlau


Contu-- Print&Play 1 MB


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Ich wusste gar nicht, dass Contu eine Story hat. Impressive~

Heilige scheiße!!!!!!!!!!! dieses game hat meine leben verändert!!!!!!! 10/10 best game ever!!!!11!!! ich kann jetzt endlich glücklich sterben!!!!! DANKE CONTU

Shots fired